Shima Mediterranean Village

A resort facility with a truly Spanish atmosphere

A Mediterranean town suddenly appears out of the natural scenery of the Shima in Mie. Stepping through the gate, with a view over Ago Bay, one is struck with a feeling of surprise and excitement at having been instantly transported to the Mediterranean.

We have villa-style guestrooms, restaurants, a cafe, shops ,cruising, fishing and a craft studio in the large site of approximately 10,000 tsubos and you can enjoy the exoticism with a great deal of atmosphere.


The villa style suites are all planned and arranged in different ways.
We will welcome you and serve you with the best hospitality.


From the window you will see the red bricks and white walls of the town blending in well with the beautiful blue sea and forests of Ago Bay.

Castilla Town, Sardinia Town, Andalusia Town,Miconorca Town and Alhambra Town.

The guest rooms in these five towns are all arranged differently to reflect the individual characteristics of each town.

Take a step inside and enjoy this extraordinary space which cannot be experienced elsewhere as a resident of this town.

Suite Rooms

Suite Room


Deluxe Suite Room

Deluxe Suite

Dog Suite Room

Wan Wan Suite

Twin Room

Twin Room

Food / Dining

Ise-Shima that is famous for Rias Coast has abundant in seafood.
There are a restaurant and a cafe offering a course Mediterranean dish or  a casual meals.

Mediterranean Village restaurant RIAS

Chichukai Village restaurant RIAS

Mediterranean cuisine encompasses the foods of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and other countries. The frequent use of rice and seafood resembles Japanese cuisine. Well-known dishes include paella, risotto, acqua pazza, and bouillabaisse. Our hotel provides prix fixe Mediterranean food centered around Italian cuisine. Please enjoy tasting the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Village cafe Amigo

Chichukai village cafe Amigo

We provide a long-time lived cake set, light meals as curry or pizza and limited menu of the season.

We receive reservations and inquiries on the telephone.

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