You can enjoy beauty of the gentle Ago Bay with our Day/Sunset cruising,and you can experience some of our popular activities.
You can enjoy the magnificent nature of Ise Shima.

Experience Menu

Craft workshop 「Mano Mano」

Join us to make your original work which anyone can easily make only in Shima Mediterranean Village.

Ago Bay Crusing

Enjoy the scenic cruising of the Rias Coast special geographical features in the gentle wave Ago Bay.

Dog Space (Cafe Amigo)

There is a space you can spend relaxing tea time with your dogs.

Select Shop  Casa Amapola

It has the image of a small shop in the Mediterranean Sea. You can find bags, clothes, souvenirs and imported items.


Children can enjoy the variety of fishing with safe in pear, raft fishing in the majestic Ago Bay.

Swimming Pool (only in summer)

You can feel the resort mood with the sea breeze from Ago Bay.Available for the guests only.


You can choose from the variety of our menu such as  Esthetic, aromatherapy treatments and body making.


This is an outcall service provided in guestrooms.Please contact the hotel front desk.Available for the guests only.

Other lendings

contact the hotel front desk when borrowing.The number of each item is limited, so please understand beforehand when in lending.

cards and board games free
iron (for clothes)free

We receive reservations and inquiries on the telephone.

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