Ise-Shima that is famous for Rias Coast has abundant in seafood.
There are a restaurant and a cafe offering a course Mediterranean Cuisine or casual meals.

Providing prix fixe Mediterranean cuisine.
RIAS, the restaurant by the sea.

Mediterranean cuisine encompasses the foods of Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and other countries. The frequent use of rice and seafood resembles Japanese cuisine. Well-known dishes include paella, risotto, acqua pazza, and bouillabaisse. Our hotel provides prix fixe Mediterranean food centered around Italian cuisine. Please enjoy tasting the Mediterranean.

Enjoy tea time at this cute, light blue cafe.
Quick, reasonable menu like pizza and curry and rice are available.

Relax and unwind with a drink or sweet at the cafe. The soothing Mediterranean blue is really popular among female guests. On clear days, you can sit at the terrace and enjoy our interior garden.
The menu includes seasonal fruit and the freshest products, with many season-specific entries. Our cafe is open and spacious, inviting anyone and everyone to enjoy.

We receive reservations and inquiries on the telephone.

Village and Hotel Shima Mediterranean Village,INC.

2619-1 Hazako, Hamajima-cho, Shima City, Mie 517-0403, Japan

Tel: +81-599-52-1336
Fax: +81-599-52-1228

business hours 9:00~18:00

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