Map of Shima Mediterranean Village

five towns of Shima Mediterranean Village

Miconorca Town

Alhambra town

Casilla town

It's located in the south of Madrid of the center of Spain.This town has the image of a plateau that dry ground follows to the far zone.Architectural style refers to Toledo-La-Mancha such as the building with unsophisticated stone masonry windows showing a mountain atmosphere.

Sardinia town

It's the island in the Mediterranean Sea floating in the west of Italy mainland. Features of the building of Sardinia zone are yellowish brown walls drawing free curves regardless of indoor and outdoor. In addition, it has curve typed windows with blue and green lattice designed like ivy pattern to add an accent to the appearance.

Andalucia town

Andalucia zone that has the image of the Andalucia district facing the south of Spain with a cityscape symbolizing Spain, the passion of the country. Architectural style refers to a cityscape of Ronda Casares. It is drawing bright and gorgeous seashore city atmosphere.

Facilities that you can enjoy Shima Mediterranean Village

Spa Alhambra

Esthetic salon

It's in the Castilla zone. Isramic style decoration capture your heart to see. Wrapped in aroma, you can relax your body and soul. Business hours  15:00~23:00 ( reservations necessary )

Select shop Casa Amapola

In this shop, We sell Spain pottery, accessories, clothes and foods. In the outdoor wagon shop, the goods are sold at reasonable price.

Village restaurant RIAS

It's located in the tip of the cape that is the best location facing Ago Bay.

 Business hours
 Lunch  11:30~14:00 ( L.O. 13:30 )
 Dinner  17:30~22:00 ( L.O. 21:00 )

Taberna AZUL

 Business hours
 Breakfast  7:30~10:00 ( L.O. 9:30 )
 Dinner  17:30~21:00 ( Last Entry 20:00 )

Mediterranean Village cafe Amigo

You can enjoy your tea time in three seating selections such the seat in the cafe, a patio seat, and the cafe terrace seat around the fountain. We have a lot of the menu including the limited original sweets and flavor tea in a season.

 Business hours:7:30~18:00 ( L.O. 17:30 )

Wood Deck

It's located on the tip of the cape that was placed to surround the restaurant . You can see a superb view of Ago Bay. Spend your quiet time while feeling a gentle wind.


The outdoor pool where Ago Bay in front is open. It's available only in summer. A simple locker room and a simple shower room are set at the poolside.

This pool is available not only during your stay also before check in and after check out. ( guests use only)


Ago Bay has a gentle wave and a very beautiful contrast of green and blue rias peculiar terrain weave. You can enjoy cruising in all seasons.
On a fine day, you can see a prospects of 360 degrees from the deck on the second floor. Dazzling sunshine and sea breeze give you a sea voyage just like a private cruise.

We receive reservations and inquiries on the telephone.

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