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Tourism around Ise, Shima and Toba.

Tourist facility

Shima Spain village < 30 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Shima Spain village Parque Espana featured the theme of Spain, the passion of the country. Both adults and children can enjoy various attractions such as one of the world's largest hanging coaster " Pyrenees" and the illumination light shining in the fantastic space . You can also enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine, Spanish goods and original goods.

Umi Hozuki < 30 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

It's the facility that cab learn and experience fishery. Things about life, culture and fishery of fishing village in Shima. We reproduced a tide pool ( a tide pool after the tide is low) called natural mini aquarium in close to natural form.

Shima Marine Land < 20 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Exhibiting sunfish and organisms of the south of the sea and of the sea of Shima. The area of collection of seafood from the ancient times and the feeding show by the women divers in a large excursion tank are worth seeing.

Okage Yokocho < 50 Minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Okage Yokocho was created with a feeling of gratitude "Okage" in July of 1993 at the middle of the temple town of Inner Shrine Oharai Machi. Since it is not so-called a theme park, there is no admission fee. In about the 2,700 square meters of the site, a typical building from Edo to Meiji was relocated and was reproduced. You can experience a long established taste, local products, history, customs and sympathy at a time.

Toba Aquarium < 45 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Toba Aquarium that is total length about 240meters and the total length of the passage is about 1.5kilometers, boasts unprecedented as a indoor aquarium. Divided into 12 zones according to the type of creatures and living environment. There's a sea lion show and you can see a couple of legendary dugong. Even more, you can see sea otters, finless porpoise, Baikal seal, commerson and manatee.

Bindama Road < 25minuets' drive from Mediterranean village >

It's the art object worked on the theme of fishing gear " Bin Ball " to symbolize the town of fishing. A buoy of the glass floating in the sea coloring the gentle light and make the town of Hamajima romantic.


Ise Shrine < 50 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Ise shrine that is loved and called 「Oise san 」or 「Daijingu san」 has become the Japanese spiritual home. The official name is "Jingu". Jingu is principally composed of 125 subsidiary Shinto sanctuaries such as 14 betsugu, sessya, and massya.

Shinmei Shrine ( Ishigami san ) < 40 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Shinmei shrine is a guardian god of local. Ishigami san in an approach to a shrine is said to be a goddess and still now a lot of people visit this shrine as Ishigami san grant women's wishes.


Yokoyama observatory < 10 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Over the summit of Yokoyama, at an altitude of 203M, there are Yokoyama observatory, Panoramic observatory and Ago Bay observatory. They have a promenade bind each togetger. Yokoyama observatory gives us the most beautiful view and you can see the green Mt, Asama, a range of Kumano mountains, about sixty small islands at the front and cultured pearls in Ago Bay. 20 minutes' walk to the summit of the mountain.


Oyahama beach < 15minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

The nearest beach from Shima Mediterranean village. You can rent shower, barbecue utensils, a parasol and a rubber boat under the fishery cooperative direct management. There are some events you can join such as free fishing etc. on weekends.

Nanbari beach < 20 minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

This is one of the beaches in the city and the facility is also substantial. Equipped with a shop, a shower, and a bathroom. This beach is facing the Pacific Ocean, and waves are outstanding in transparent water. Some people enjoy surfing and body boarding. This beach is open from early July to around August 20th. walking in the white sand beach is refreshing.

Golf Course

Golf course in Nemu no Sato < 5minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

Seaside golf course where you can enjoy for seasons near Ago Bay.

Kintetsu Hamajima country club < 5minutes' drive from Mediterranean village >

A full scale seaside golf course overlooking Ago bay and the Pacific Ocean. The contrast of white sand bunker and the green in the layout with natural is beautiful. The out-course is well trimmed between a wood and gentle ups and downs. The in-course is excellent to see the Pacific Ocean view. Both have four season's appearance.

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